Video Marketing: A New Marketing Strategy For Businesses

For a long period of time, texts and pictures have captured the attention of consumers. If you look at old advertisements, there are numerous messages in just one ad. Also, advertisements in the form of television and radio have been effective. Marketing, however, is constantly changing and is becoming more innovative in engaging audience.

As more consumers are spending their time online and on their mobile devices, the more video marketing is changing the platform for advertisements. Slowly but steadily, businesses and enterprises are engaging in this medium to share their content to prospect customers.

What makes videos more engaging?

Two of the online video sites, namely YouTube and Netflix have promising number of audience on their platform. This is a proof that your consumers have cut the ties with the cable companies and made new ones with online videos.

A creatively designed video has almost 10 to 15 seconds to engage your audience before you lose their attention. You may have lots of things to say but you have to make your message clear and concise. Videos that are more likely to get shared are less than 15 seconds, this is a clear engagement that you want.

Impression is of importance to a video content and to achieve this, brands spend top dollars to make better videos and even more to get it into spots where it can be viewed by most number of prospects.



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